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Security Cameras in Schools: The Pros and Cons

Schools across Nigeria and indeed globally are becoming more and more concerned with their safety, and for good reason. With vandals, thieves and even bullies in both private and government schools, Surveillance cameras in schools can not only act as a deterrent, but can provide evidence of the guilty parties if necessary.

Let's see why we may or may not consider Surveillance cameras in schools.


 #1: Instant and Remote Monitoring
Not only can the footage be referred back to if needed, but monitoring of areas can also occur in real-time. Footage can be broadcasted across the internet if needed, so can be viewed from anywhere, anytime.

#2: Quick and Easy Installation
Modern IP surveillance cameras, unlike older analogue CCTV systems, can be installed in lesser time and adapted to fit changing school layouts and needs.  They can be either wired or wireless.

#3: Prevents Crime
One of the most obvious uses for IP surveillance cameras is the fact that it deters criminals such as vandals, of which schools are a big target, as well as thieves and even violent crime. And, it captures evidence of these crimes if they occur.

#4: Deters Misbehaviour
Of course, the cameras save all footage so any wrong-doing can be referred to later. Also, the mere sighting of surveillance cameras can deter not only criminals, but students or even employees from misbehaving or unruly conduct.

Initiatives such as Keeping the Environment litter-free can improve with the addition of surveillance cameras.

#5: Peace of Mind for Students, Staff and Parents
Similarly to how the presence of the cameras can have a psychological effect on the guilty parties, it also gives a sense of security to students and employees. When people know that their safety is being monitored, they don’t have to walk around with stress and worry.

#6: Keep Track of Visitors
While sign in-books are still very much in use to keep record for who is coming in and out of the school, they are hardly a reliable system such as being misplaced or damaged. Surveillance cameras in schools can improve this tracking method by providing footage if need to refer to later.


#1: They Can’t Stop a Crime Once it’s Taking Place
Of course, whilst the cameras do have a huge effect on crime through deterrence, if a crime is taking place, they cannot alter this event. However, if monitored, the crime can be attended to or /curbed quicker.

#2: Privacy Complaints
Is it true that Privacy is a concern for most people as some detest their activities being recorded. As long as the cameras are installed in public / common areas, privacy should not be an issue. Your provider will know what should be covered. This is can be resolved by knowing what is or would be monitored/covered in the privacy policy provided. The safety of lives supercedes privacy issues.

Setting up surveillance cameras in schools can not only prove deterring criminal acts, but also increase good behaviour of students, employees and visitors. They add peace of mind for everyone, including parents.

While some question the ethics of the privacy, in public areas and as long as not concealed, this should not be an issue.

Overall, surveillance cameras in schools add a level of security to any premises that cannot be overstated.


If you’re interested in how to get started with Surveillance cameras in your school, office or home, you can contact us.


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